As I’m taking a philosophy course with the Open University I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Peter Cave on some of the issues discussed in this book. At first in a tutorial, although sadly he isn’t my regular tutor (although that did save me from the annoying woman who turned every philosophical discussion into an irrelevant mini-lecture on her life, but I digress), and secondly at our day school where he plugged this book – and I’m glad he did.

Peter brings his unique, and slightly odd, sense of humour to bear on a number of age-old philosophical problems such as the use (and abuse) of utilitarianism, the problem of evil and whether relativism is a defensible position in bite size chunks examined from an unusual perspective.

I have followed his recommendation and read a problem a day. I’m finding it a lot easier to digest philosophy with my toast than I thought I would and it tends to leaves me gently questioning my actions (and probably irritating my work colleagues) throughout the day.